Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy
Summer semester 2017:

  • Supervising master student project: Amelie Duchard
    Together with Prof. Giancarlo Guizzardi
  • Technical and scientific communication,
    Lecturing together with Prof. Giancarlo Guizzardi

Otto-von-Guericke University, Germany
Summer semester 2017:

  • Survey of Research on the Frontiers of Computer Science,
    Together with Madhura Thosar and Prof. Till Mossakowski.

Summer semester 2015:

  • Seminar on Computational Creativity,
    Together with Dr. Fabian Neuhaus.

Winter Semester 2014/2015:

  • Study Project on image schema formalization,
    Together with Dr. Oliver Kutz.

Linkoping University, Sweden
Spring semester 2013:

  • Programming and logic, lab-assistant

Fall semester 2012:

  • Introduction to cognitive science, lab-assistant
  • Cognitive modelling, lab-assistant
  • Programming and discrete mathematics, lab-assistant