Research visits

Study group:

Modelling Conceptual Knowledge and Conceptual Change
First meeting: 6-7 February 2018
Delmenhorst, Germany

Invited speaker:

IIIA-CSIC, 7 February 2017
Title of talk: “From embodied cognition to formal representation”
Bellaterra, Spain

Technische Universität Dresden, Faculty of Computet Science, 5 January 2017
Title of talk: “Image schemas in computational concept invention”
Dresden, Germany

IIIA-CSIC, 14 April 2016
Title of talk: “Concept invention for AI using the cognitive theories of image schemas and conceptual blending”
Bellaterra, Spain

Attended Conferences:

JOWO 2017 – Free university of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy
Shapes 4.0:
Title of talk: “Beneath the paint: a visual journey in conceptual metaphor violation”
Image Schema Day 3 (Organiser)

ICMC 2017 – University of Osnabrueck, Germany
Title of talk: “Multi-modal image schemas”

AISB 2017 – University of Bath, UK
CAOS (at AISB) 2017 (Organiser)

From computational creativity to creativity science (19-22 september) 2016 – ZiF Bielefeld, Germany

ESSLLI 2016 – Bolzano, Italy

Image schema day II 2016 – Bolzano, Italy
Talk on image schemas

CAOS (at FOIS) 2016 – Annecy, France 6 July (Organiser)
Participated in talk held by Dagmar Gromann: Breaking Down Finance

RAaM 2016 – Berlin, Germany
Title of talk: “Image schemas as a skeleton of concept invention and metaphor”

CogSciNiš 2016 – Niš, Serbia
Title of talk: “Image schemas as conceptual building blocks”

KR 2016 – Cape Town, South Africa
Participated in the Doctorial Consortium, mentored by Frank Wolter.
Presented: Poster on image schemas in blending

DL 2016 (workshop) – Cape Town, South Africa

AISC 2015 – Genoa, Italy

CONTEXT 2015 – Lanarca, Cyprus
Shapes 3.0 (workshop):
Presented: “Shape up, Baby! Perception, image schemas and shapes in concept formation”

UNILOG 2015 – Istanbul, Turkey
Participated in the summer school on universal logic
C3GI (workshop):
Presented: “Image schemas as theories of families”

Computational creativity Week 2015 – London, UK

AIC (workshop) 2014 – Turin, Italy
Presented: “On the cognitive and logical role of image schemas in computational conceptual blending”

FOIS 2014 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Participated in the Doctorial Symposiuma, mentored by Nicholas Asrmr
Presented: Poster on image schemas

IAOA summer school

ICCC 2014 – Ljubljana, Slovenia