3rd Mission

With Third Mission, I refer to research and educational outreach to predominantly non-academic communities.

Social presence

June 28th, 2024
Interviewed by live-radio “Förmiddag i P4 Jönköping” (1:58:10 – 2:04:10)
Talked about service robots in today’s society and how it will look in the near future.

June 18th, 2024
Interviewed by live-radio “Eftermiddag i P4 Jönköping” (1:17:00 – 1:22:00)
Talked about computational creativity with respect to AI-generated humour.

Long night of the sciences 2015
Presented research
Bozen-Bolzano, Italy

Invited popular science talks:

Invited speaker at Senioruniversitetet, September 16th, 2024
Title of talk: “Artificiell Intelligens: från science fiction till verklighet”
Allianskyrkan i Jönköping

AI-Accelerator directed to start-ups, June 8th, 2022
Title of talk: “A Tiny Taste on Ethics of Artificial Intelligence”
Science Park, Jönköping, Sweden

AI-Dagen, September 30th, 2021
Invited to moderate the event as a AI scientist
ELMIA, Jönköping, Sweden

Non-academic projects:

AI Readiness
Project on AI transformations in local industry
Collaboration between Jönköping University and Science Park.
Financed by the local municipality and EU regional