AI4QAM – a Vinnova Project has been granted funding!

As part of the Vinnova funding call: “Advanced and innovative digitalization 2024 – first call for proposals” our project: “(End-to-End) AI för Kvalitetssäkring Inom Tillverkningsindustrin (AI4QAM)” has been granted 8.471.702 SEK (~724.000 euro) from funding agency Vinnova with company-sponsored funding of 8.471.800 SEK (~724.000 euro). The project will run from May 2024- April 2027.

The involved research institutes are:

  • Jönköping School of Engineering, and
  • RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB (coordinator).

The involved companies are:

  • Husqvarna AB,
  • Scania CV AB,
  • Thule Group AB,
  • Enodo Robotics AB, and
  • PVI Hydroforming AB

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