JOWO’22 is under way!

The 8th Joint Ontology Workshops started Monday the 15th of August and will be running until Friday the 19th.

The conference has over 50 people registered for local participation and more than 70 people joining virtually, making the event an exciting kettle of knowledge, ideas and opinions! So far high-quality paper presentations are altered with fruitful discussions and network opportunities.

Today’s highlight was the wonderful keynote by Janna Hastings and the comparative debate The Foustian Struggle that positioned the different foundational ontologies against one another.

I am happy to say that the organisation is going relatively smoothly and it appears that the participants are enjoying themselves, very much thanks to the other members of the JOWO’22 team, the workshop and tutorial chairs, and the positive attitude of the participants! Thank you all!

If you are interested in listening in, don’t hesitate to sign up as an online participant!

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