Guest editor for a special issue of Electronics on cognitive robotics

Together with Dr. Giovanni Pilato I am the guest editor for the special issue “Cognitive Robotics in Social Applications” of the Electronics Journal (IF: 2.412, ISSN 2079-9292).

Description:¬†With Artificial Intelligence and Robotics’ current development, social robotics and cognitive aspects of robotics are becoming increasingly relevant. In particular, social robots are becoming more and more prevalent nowadays, pervading many aspects of real life. Cognitive Robotics aims to provide and emulate intelligent behavior through a set of processes that make the robot able to learn, reasoning independently, and providing answers even in complex situations. On the other hand, Social Robotics concerns robots that can interact with humans and each other, even in everyday environments and situations. Social robots, in general, may also not be anthropomorphic but also distributed entities guided by an intelligent system.
Research topics in this area move in various directions, including, primarily, understanding and simulating how humans perceive and interact either with each other or with social robots. The aim is, generally, to improve and make more natural human-robot interaction, as well as understanding and modeling the cognitive mechanisms that underlie the behavior of living beings in general and humans in particular.

This Special Issue focuses on Cognitive Robotics in Social Applications. It aims to examine and discuss the latest findings, current challenges, and future directions concerning all aspects and applications of cognitive robotics regarding social contexts.

Keywords: Cognitive Robotics, Social Robotics, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Social Sciences, Cognitive Science, Machine learning

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